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Military Intervention

A research review on Military Intervention has not yet been completed by the Simon-Skojdt Center for the Prevention of Genocide.

About Military Intervention


Military intervention is “the deliberate act of a nation or group of nations to introduce its military forces into the course of an existing controversy” (Department of Defense 2010, p. 153). Military intervention can include limited operations, such as ones focused on securing access routes or borders or enforcing no-fly zones, and more extensive operations, such as ones focused on defeating armed groups and establishing security across a country (Waxman 2009; Seybolt 2008).

Strategies This Tool Can Support

(1) Dissuading potential perpetrators from committing mass atrocities
(2) Degrading potential perpetrators’ capacity to commit atrocities
(3) Protecting vulnerable civilian populations
(4) Facilitating leadership or political transition